Learn How to activate cricut devices from: helps the users to learn how to setup Cricut devices. All cricut devices come with installtion files but due to certain issues these files donot work with the computer due to firewall issues and low protection on the internet.

Please use for downloading the setup file.

All those advices and much more are included and totally free of charge. - setup windows || Cricut setup Mac

Why Should You Use Cricut?

Start your Cricut account via today and unveil the benefits of crafts projects. If you are unknown what the Cricut machine does, this post is for you. A Cricut is a die-cutting machine that can cut all sorts of designs from materials like vinyl, paper, card stocks, leather, and wood. The Cricut machine is also available in various versions for different levels of crafters.

The luxury of this gadget can be enjoyed by home crafters as well as leading workshops. Not just a cutting machine, but the machine offers features for sewing and customization. Now, you can create your own customized products for personal and professional purposes. But you will essentially need a Cricut account to access the features of the project creations. You can create your Cricut account via

What is Used For?

If you are one of those craft enthusiasts or an artist of a leading workshop, you must try the Cricut machine. With the machine, you get to cut a design out of required materials such as paper, fabric, wood, and glass. But the question is, how do you process this method? Now, here comes “” to the rescue. You can use it to register your Cricut account. Also, you can download the software or application (Design Space) for Cricut via on any device.

How Does the Cricut Maker or Explore Works?

If you have used a printer before, setting up the Cricut machine will be no wonder. It works similar to your household printers, and the difference between the machines is a small, movable blade. The Cricut machine uses this blade to cut the design out of materials.

To do this, you need to create a project in the “Design Space” and send it to the Cricut machine through the USB or Bluetooth connection method. When Cricut receives your design, it cuts out the design exactly like your creation. Now, the concern is, how do you manage materials and settings to cut designs into the machines. To get your answer, walk through the solution listed below:

  • Start by selecting your cutting material and place it on a sticky cutting mat. The sticky mat helps hold the material in place during the Cricut machine process cut.
  • Now, load the material into the machine.
  • Then, you have to choose a design in Design Space.
  • Next, enter the material settings and send the designs to the Cricut machine.
  • Tap the button on your Cricut machine to initiate the cutting.
  • Once the machine is done cutting, remove the mat from your machine, including the material from the mat.

What Cricut Machines are Available?

Machines like Cricut are also recognized as die-cutter or craft plotters. And other brands of cutting machines include the silhouette Cameo, etc. Currently, you can choose between these three Cricut machines such as:

  1. Cricut Joy:  Joy is a smaller model with portable features that are easy to set up and simple in usability.
  2. Cricut Explore 3: Cricut Explore 3 is a perfect choice for mid-level players and is rated as the best-selling machine.
  3. Cricut Maker 3: Maker 3 is one step above the Explore 3 and can cut a wider variety of materials with various tool types.

How to Set Up Cricut Machine on Different Devices?

Go through the steps listed below to set the Cricut machine on different devices.

Cricut setup for Windows or Mac

  1. Start with plugging your machine and turning it on.
  2. Then, connect your machine to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. You can choose the Bluetooth connection method to connect your machine and desktop.
  4. Next, you can visit in your browser.
  5. After that, download and install the Design Space for your desktop.
  6. Now, you need to perform your on-screen prompts to sign in to the Cricut account.
  7. If you are new to the Cricut account, create your id.
  8. After creating your Cricut id, set up your machine.
  9. You will know the setup is finished when a test cut is prompted.

Cricut Set up for Android or iOS

●     Here, plug in your Cricut machine and switch it on.

●     Then, pair up the Android/ iOS device with the Cricut machine using the Bluetooth process.

●     After that, go to the URL

●     Now, you need to install the Design Space application.

●     Next, launch the application and sign in.

●     If you are a new user, create your id for Cricut.

●     Click on the menu visible on your screen and choose the Machine Setup option.

●     Your Cricut machine setup is complete via

How to Download & Install Design Space Application?

You can download the Design Space on your Windows, Mac, or Android device by following the below steps.

●     Open your web browser and visit

●     Click on the Download button.

●     Now, the screen will change during the downloading process. Also, your browser will be different from others.

●     Once you complete the downloading process, double-tap the file in your browser.

●     The downloaded file can be located in the Downloads folder as well.

●     If your device asks for permission to trust the application or not, agree to the option.

●     Now, a setup window will display the installation progress.

●     Next, you need to sign in with your Cricut id and password.

●     After that, an icon with “Design Space” will be visible on your desktop screen.

●     In the next step, right-click on the icon.

●     Now, choose “Pin to Taskbar” or drag the icon to the taskbar to pin it.

●     In the end, your Cricut application is ready using

How to Log in to the Cricut Design Space Application?

Let’s learn how to log in to the Cricut Design Space Application below.

●     Start by opening your web browser and typing

●     Then, download & install the Design Space application.

●     Next, visit the Account section and click on the Sign In button.

●     You can locate the Sign In button under the Account Settings icon.

●     After that, you need to provide your registered email address.

●     If you haven’t created a Cricut id, tap on Create Cricut ID.

●     Now, you need to enter the required information.

●     Go through the terms and conditions of the Cricut Design Space.

●     After that, return to the previous page and click on “I Agree the Cricut Terms of Use.”

●     Next, click on “Send me Emails (deals, tips, and inspiration).”

●     Click on Create Cricut id again.

●     After completing all the above, you will receive a notification that the setup is complete.

●     Now, your account will appear as logged in.

●     You have completed the login steps via

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